Tweet it

Send a tweet and make yourself heard, we made it so simple so you can do it at the push of a button. No one knows simplicity better than we do, it’s true.

Quote it

Aren’t you tired of repeating yourself? Tired of screaming “Fake news!”, “China” or “Look at what happened in Sweden last night!”. Instead, let your phone say it at the press of a button, it’s unbelievable, we know, total control, you’ll love it.

Work it

Download the app, press the button and choose your tweet and/or the quotes you want to use and you’re all set. You have three action triggers that you can set, that’s it, simple, it’s sooo simple, it’s fantastic.

The Best Bluetooth

The button connects to your smartphone using Orangetooth, not Bluetooth, Orangetooth. It’s great. Some people like to call it Bluetooth but it’s fake, absolutely fake, don’t believe it.

The Best Battery

The battery will last up to 2 years, it’s true, unbelievable but true. It has a non-replaceable battery inside, it’s very small and it’s great, it’s the best.

The Best Donation

We will donate 10% of the proceeds to the Netherlands International Pro-women’s Right Fund. You do your part and we’ll do ours to help make a difference.

Make Yourself Heard

Last night in Sweden we were sitting and thinking of how we can make our voices heard. This button is going to make it easier for us to make ourselves heard and we know people, we know lots of people and no one speaks up. No more sitting on our phones like bing bing bing bong bong. Now you can make yourself heard with just a push of a button, it’s sooo simple, it’s true